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Me - Jessie Emily Photography

Hello friends,

First of all, thank you so much for visiting my website! It means a lot that you are here reading this and that you have connected with my work.

I am Jessie, I live in Warminster, Wiltshire with my husband, my spirited daughter and our lunatic pup.

Art and photography has always been a life long passion of mine. I first discovered my love for photography at college whilst I was studying Art and Design, from there I went to Bath University and studied Photography & Motion Graphics. For many years taking photos was just a hobby of mine, like weekends away to the beach and attempting to get good pictures of my husband surfing. Until I had my daughter in 2016. This is where I began to pick up my camera on a daily basis, capturing all those moments of her growing up.

I then went on to shoot my friends and their children when we were on days out together, I soon realised that I could do this as a career. 

I have now been shooting professionally for the past 3 years!!

My goal as a photographer is to provide you with a relaxing experience over everything else. I believe in natural play and gently guiding you in a way that you all feel comfortable, at ease and confident so we get those magical candid shoots.

I want you capture you and your loved ones for who you truly are and to always bring you back to those special moment in your life.

Choosing a photographer is so much more than just connecting with a style. It is also someone would you will be sharing yourself or your most memorable day with. My casual, humble and warm energy will help boost your confidence and keep you relaxed. I am I type of photographer that always gives a helping hand where it is needed and that is non intrusive, so on your wedding day your guests can also enjoy the big day. 

Jessie Emily Photography

A few random facts about me...

  • I couldn't live without music, my books, my camera,  my journal, my walks and cups of tea. 

  • Family means everything to me. I think emotional connections are one of the most precious things in our lives. 


  • I love exploring new places, folklore, tattoos, listening to crime podcasts, 80s horror films and singing loudly in the car. 

  • My idea of a perfect day would look like this; Waking up to everyone getting themselves ready for the day, we would then then go for a morning hike in the woodlands, come home to a clean house, I'd sit peacefully with a cup of tea, music playing gently in background whilst I read through my a book. Then someone else would then make my dinner. (one day)

  • My favourite season is winter. I love to wrap up warm in cosy knits, obviously drink more tea and I love how nature sparkles as though she has been kissed by the frost. (Unless it's raining, I do not like cold rain)

  • I have broken one bone in my body and my front teeth. I broke my teeth trying to bmx over a ramp when I was 16 and broke my arm trying to learn to skateboard aged 22.  It is safe to say I don't attempt anymore extreme sports. 

  • Ten years ago I probably would of told myself to stop taking life so seriously.  Stop caring what others may or may not think and not to let your fears hold you back. 

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